2013 Pay Deal

NWPC logoi ii

Please find attached the 2013 pay offer from the Probation Employers.
UNISON’s National Probation Committee will meet on 8 January to consider our  position on the offer, but we are circulating the details of the offer  now to enable members to form an initial view and for our Committee  members to take informal soundings prior to the meeting on 8 January.
UNISON will formally consult members on the offer, with any recommendation from our Committee,  following the meeting on 8 January.

The offer is for:

1% increase on all pay points with effect from 1 April 2013

One increment pay progression for all staff entitled to pay progression.

So in effect all those who are not at the top of their Pay Scale will receive an incremental increase of 1% and a pay rise of 1% in effect a 2% pay rise