Replying to the Staff Assignment Process

NWPC logoi ii

Please find attached in our Tool Kit section the most recent Probation Bulletin with a model Letter for Members to send to their Trust in the event that they receive a letter from their Trust to automatically assign them to NPS/CRC, or, to ask them to take part in an expression of interest process.  It provides all the instructions that members need at this point in time.

In the bulletin UNISON advises members that they should:

a.       Follow the instructions given to them by their Trust in relation to the staff assignment process, i.e. take part in the process

b.      Acknowledge any automatic assignment notification, as per instructions from their Trust

c.       Take part in the expression of interest process, as per instructions from their Trust

d.      Protect their interests by sending the letter which is attached to the bulletin, modified as appropriate, to their Trust Chief Executive. The letter should be sent in hard copy, amended as necessary to reflect each members’ circumstances, dated and signed. Members should keep a copy of the letter and provide another copy to their branch/local representative for safe keeping. The purpose of the letter is to reserve members’ rights in relation to the staffing assignment process. Members should send the letter, even if they have already responded to a letter from the Trust in relation to staff assignment.

e.      Lodge appeals, as necessary, in relation to the appeals process notified by their Trust (e.g. an appeal against the automatic assignment process)

The bulletin also encourages non-union members to join UNISON now.