Consulting you, our members

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Unison remain opposed to the proposed plans for the Probation Service

The NWPC have started to consult you, our members, on our response to the Ministers proposals to split the Probation Service into a National Probation Service and CRC’s.

Todays meeting will take place at Salford at 1pm.  This is the last meeting for members

The meetings are only open to UNISON and NAPO members but any staff who want a voice and are not members may join UNISON on the day like many other have done

We want members to answer 4 questions

Do you agree with the privatisation of the Probation Service?

Do you think that the staff protections go far enough?

What concerns do you have about the process to split staff between the NPS and CRCs?

What should UNISON be prioritising in the negotiations that take place after the 28 day consultation period?