Tell High Street brands to fix their dangerous factories in Bangladesh

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Who's hanging their workers out to dry?

UPDATE: We’ve had our first campaign success! River Island have agreed to sign the Accord. We’ve removed them from the list, but there are still 7 others to go. We know now that this works, so please help us keep the pressure on the remaining firms.

In April over 1200 people died in Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza building collapsed. There has never been a clearer sign that all manufacturers and retailers need to lift dramatically their efforts to ensure that those making their clothes are doing so in safety and with dignity.

Due to the pressure of trade unions, campaigners and concerned consumers, over 80 brands – including H+M, Zara, Next, Primark, New Look and Debenhams – have so far committed to a union-backed Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

The Accord commits companies to fund an independent safety inspection body that will involve workers in the process, through their unions, and to make long term deals with suppliers, offering more secure employment and training for workers. As such it represents a big deal for Bangladeshi workers.

But whilst most retailers have stepped up to their responsibilities, there are still a few major brands with factories in Bangladesh but who still refuse to sign. Prominent amongst these are 7 names you will probably know from your high street: Matalan, Bench, Bank Fashion, Peacocks, Jane Norman, Republic and Mexx.

We need to send a clear message to these 7 companies, telling them there are no excuses left for ignoring safety standards and workers rights in Bangladesh.

Please take a few moments to send an email to these companies, urging them to sign up to the Accord today.

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NB: You can read the full text of the Accord as a pdf document