A Listening Chancellor

University of Salford bosses back down over drastic cuts to staff terms and conditions

The University of Salford have U-turned on drastic proposals to alter staff pay and redundancy terms and conditions, after successful trade union campaigning from UNISON members.

After a series of cuts to jobs and staff terms and conditions, Professor Martin Hall, Vice Chancellor of The University of Salford announced alterations to staff pay protection and voluntary severance arrangements would cease as a result of “listening to the views and the concerns raised by the Trade Unions and colleagues.”

Proposals to reduce current pay protection from two years to one year of salary protection and plans to diminish voluntary severance arrangements from a rate of 1.5 times a week’s salary for each completed year of service to 1 times a week’s salary will no longer go ahead.

UNISON Branch Secretary at the University of Salford, Michele Barnes said “We welcome this announcement from the Vice Chancellor. After lengthy trade union negotiations, campaigning and protests, we have shown what collective action can do, when everyone comes together against unjust changes to their working conditions we have shown we can make a difference.”

Professor Martin Hall, Vice Chancellor of the University of Salford said in an email to all staff:

“During this period we have listened to the views and the concerns raised by the Trade Unions and by colleagues. As a result of this, I’m pleased to report that we will continue to offer the two years’ pay protection policy to colleagues our current severance payment terms will also remain in place for the time being.”