Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members’ Conference 2012

The 2012 LGBT conference will be held from 1.15pm Friday 16 November to 1.30pm Sunday 18 November 2012, at the Brighton Centre.
Please note that delegates should be elected from the entire membership of the Northwest Probation and CAFCASS, not, the officers alone.

Delegates will only be appointed on the agreement that they will submit a report for circulation as detailed below and be able to attend the whole of the conference, unless otherwise agreed.

• Accommodation will be booked by the branch.
• Delegates must book their own train journey via Stewart travel (details to be provided)
• To ensure that financial arrangements do not deter members from volunteering, expenses may be claimed in advance of conference (details to be provided).

Completed reports to chair by 29th November 2012
Report received at the December BEC
Pre Claim expenses by 19th October 2012

Those wishing to attend conference as a delegate of the branch or those wising to make nominations should make it known to me before 5pm on the 13th June, I will not take nominations from the floor unless we do not already have enough Nominees or Volunteers. Competing Nominees will be invited to deliver a 5 minute election address, but, Nominees do not need to be present at the BEC to be nominated but must confirm their acceptance of nomination to me before 5pm on the 13th June.

For further information:
Kev Allsop, Chair Northwest Probation and Cafcass UNISON 20085
Wednesday, 16 May 2012