Unisons Police and Justice Conference will take place from the 11th to the 12th October 2012 in Cardiff.

Our branch, the Northwest Probation and Cafcass branch, may send up to 4 delegates who are fully paid up members of the branch on 3rd May 2012.

1 Woman Delegate
1 General (Male or Female) Delegate
1 Low Paid Woman Delegate, earning less that £8.91 per hour
1 Young member Delegate, under 26.

To ensure financial barriers do not deter members from taking part, Travel costs, accommodation and reasonable out of pocket expenses will be paid in advance for delegates.

If would like to be a delegate, or you would like more information then please email chair@nwpc.org.uk or telephone 07595009189. Alternatively you may wish to speak to your unison Steward.

All nominations or volunteers must make themselves known to the branch Chair by email chair@nwpc.org.uk before 5pm on Wednesday 11th May 2012. You may submit an election address at the same time.

The selection of Delegates will be made at the Branch Executive committee meeting on Thursday 12th May 2012.