UNISON probation members have voted overwhelmingly to accept the 2011 pay offer from the Employers Side of the National Negotiating Council (NNC).

Following a consultation exercise of members by branches earlier this month, 96% of probation members voting in the ballot voted to accept the offer.

912 members voted to accept, and 34 to reject.

Napo members also voted to accept the pay offer and the two unions have written to the Employers Side this afternoon to confirm that their members have accepted the offer. It is hoped that the pay deal can be implemented in February pay packets.

In summary, the pay award will be:

· One pay increment for all staff in pay bands 3, 4, 5 & 6
· Two increments for all staff in pay bands 1 & 2
· Deletion of the bottom pay point in pay bands 1 – 4
· Harmonisation of hours to 37hrs/week for all staff, with the exception of non-probation officer staff working for London Probation Trust
· Separate negotiations to take place on hours of work for non-probation officers working for London Probation Trust.
· Reduction in additional travelling expenditure allowance from 4 to 2 years duration, with protection for those currently in receipt.
· The option of local negotiation on car allowances to provide savings to protect jobs.

Now that members have voted to accept the offer, the National Negotiating Council will embark on work to further modernise the Probation pay structure. This work will be the subject of eventual consultation with members as and when proposals emerge from the talks.

Please make this information available to all members as soon as possible.